Welcome to the
Ayeka Healing Circle

The Ayeka Healing Circle provides clients with a safe and confidential space to support and facilitate their healing and spiritual journey based on the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah.

The Ayeka Healing Circle offers:

  • Integrated Kabbalistic Healing where you receive the profound and transformative support provided by individual, private kabbalistic healing sessions.

  • An introductory 6-session course in kabbalistic healing during which we explore the comprehensive paradigm of Creation that Kabbalah offers to help us understand Reality and our place in it.

The Meaning of Ayeka:
My Approach to the Healing Journey

The Hebrew word “Ayeka” means “Where are you?” Why name a healing center after this particular question?

This is the first question that God asks Adam in the Book of Genesis. Gen. 3:9.  Why does God ask this question?   God appears to be searching for Adam, but wouldn’t the Source of  Life already know the answer?  Or, is it a question that is asked - not for the Creator’s benefit and understanding - but for our own, in which case what is the significance of this question and how can it help guide us on our spiritual journey?

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What is Integrated
Kabbalistic Healing?

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing offers a profound and transformative healing process for –

• self-exploration and personal growth
• living life more consciously
• promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing (IKH) is a profound healing method that is based on the ancient wisdom and insights of Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism.  IKH offers us a path through the Etz Chayim – or Tree of Life – to Wholeness (or what some may call God), and it is in Wholeness that healing on a physical, psychological, or spiritual level can be manifested.

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